Ascentist plastic surgery


What is a Facelift?

The Ascentist Plastic Surgery face lift is a thorough complex surgery designed to remove or reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of the face caused by age. Specifically, it addresses neck rejuvenation by re-defining the cervico-mental angle (jaw: neck angle) and correcting jowls and facial descent. It is important that the multiple levels of facial anatomy are recognized and that your cosmetic surgeon appreciates facial anatomy as well as techniques to insure longevity to your face lift.

We insist on meeting patients to determine what components of facial aging are most important. Although we do emphasize correcting facial descent, the Ascentist Plastic Surgery offers additional procedures such as fillers, facial laser or chemical peel resurfacing.

The sign of a good practice and surgeon is one that is able to look beyond the surgical options to offer patients, and appreciate the non-surgical interventions, which may better suit a patient in specific circumstances. Dr. Eagan discusses three D’s of facial aging; descent, deflation and deterioration of skin as we age. The Ascentist Plastic Surgery face lift fully addresses the descent component of this process and provides a rejuvenated younger look while not appearing overdone either. Call for your free consultation today!

What Can I Expect After the Procedure?

Recovery time differs between patients and the complexity of each surgery. However, most patients return home the same day, with bandages around the face to minimize swelling and bruising. Swelling and bruising can last for 1-3 weeks post operatively but the pain is typically minimal. We do prescribe pain medication and antibiotics afterwards, but most patients do not require the pain medication.

Bandages are typically removed within one to two days post-surgery. The sutures are absorbable and with regular cleaning and antibiotic ointment usage they typically dissolve within one to two weeks. Patients can usually resume full activities within two weeks, though it may take several months for the full aesthetic effects of the surgery be apparent.