Mini Facelift

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Mini Facelift

What is a Mini Facelift?

An hour lift is now one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Everyone should be able to afford to look young – and a mini facelift now makes this possible! With a mini facelift, you don’t have to go through the lengthy and involved surgery of a conventional facelift.

A mini facelift is much less invasive and the recovery time is much shorter as the surgeon does not move the facial muscles, only adjusts the skin and tightens the muscular tissue. This cuts down your recovery time from two weeks to three days – yet provides immediate results that can last from 5 to 15 years.

Am I a candidate for a Mini Facelift?

No one can escape the effects of aging. Though you may take good care of yourself, exercise and eat right, the facial tissue has a natural elasticity which can end up with sagging of the cheeks, jowls, neck or eyelids. If you see these effects of aging in yourself and would like to restore youthful vitality to your face, then you are a candidate for a mini facelift.

A Lunchtime lift can be performed on anyone wanting to improve the tone of their skin. The procedure has been performed on clients ranging from their 20s to 80s. When you come in for your consultation our surgeon will examine you to ensure you are in a qualified physical condition to receive a mini facelift.

What is the procedure for a Mini Facelift?

A lunchtime facelift usually takes between an hour and an hour and a half, hence the nicknames. When it is time for your procedure a mild sedative may be administered, to help with relaxation, as well as a local anesthetic, which will be applied to keep any discomfort to a minimum. There is no need for general anesthetic.

During the Mini Facelift Ascients patients will have a small incision made in front of the ear. Your surgeon then lifts the tissue to remove any excess skin. This step can involve the adjustment of both the skin and muscle to achieve the best result for your specific case. The skin is then re-draped providing you with new, wrinkle-free and natural-looking, youthful features. At this point, the traditional sutures are used to close the skin.

What Can I Expect After the Procedure?

Following the procedure and for the next day or two, an iced head garment can be worn to reduce any swelling or bruising. A lunchtime facelift is minimally invasive and you should experience little pain following the procedure.

You may also take oral medication to relieve any minor pain. You should have no problem with wearing makeup the next day after the procedure. Kansas City Mini Facelift patients need to return to have the sutures removed six to eight days later.