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At age 53 I discovered that I had a ruptured 10 year old breast implant and was having a very difficult time with my health. I had many of the numerous Breast Implant Illness symptoms (BII) and decided to have my implants removed. I asked a physician that I worked with for his recommendations, along with a few other colleagues. Dr. Spencer Eagan's name came up more than once so I scheduled an appointment  with him to discuss explanting and to see  if a breast lift was an option. From the minute I walked in, I felt comfortable and was treated with great compassion and professionalism. The office staff were stupendous and Dr. Eagan was confident and competent and extremely thorough. We made the decision to explant and do a breast lift at the same time and scheduled the appointment. Due to the symptoms I was experiencing, I wanted it done quickly but the first available was several months out, however they did add me to the cancellation list and to my delight, they were able to get me in rather quickly. Carrie, Korie, and Marci along with the rest of the staff were very patient with me and all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable and reassured. The surgery went extremely well. The old implants were removed including the capsules and the silicone that was outside of the capsule on the ruptured side, and the mastopexy was successful. My BII symptoms have almost all resolved 3 months later,  and I am confident that my health will continue to improve. I feel better and I look better. My old implants were a little too big for my frame and now I have the perfect size for my body type and am thrilled. I wish I would have known Dr. Eagan when I decided to have breast augmentation originally. I might have just opted for a mastopexy right from the beginning. He is meticulous with his suturing. Very little pain, bruising, or swelling. And the scars are minimal. He's truly amazing. Highly recommended!

Kay Black

I broke my nose on a Tuesday afternoon and Dr. Kimura straightened it back beautifully on Wednesday morning. My appointment was at 10:20. I arrived at ten and was walking out with a straight nose at 10:40. Dr. Kimura was cheery (much appreciated in my condition), clear in his explanations, and very skilled at straightening a broken nose. I HIGHLY recommend him.

Sonja Kofoed

Dr. Markey did a septoplasty and turbinate reduction for me in October, and I wish I would have gone to him sooner! I can finally breathe! This was my second septoplasty, the first one being done by an ENT (in 2019) which unfortunately failed. Him and his office took great care of me, and I feel so lucky to have found him. I have already recommended him to family and friends!

Thank you Dr. Markey! 

Alexa Simpson

What a FABULOUS place! Dr Pena and her team are phenomenal! I was So comfortable! She took the time to really listen and care! Had surgery 10/20 and no regrets!

Amber Lujan

Had my nose completely reworked, helped straighten my nose with bones previously shattered and the cartlidge fixed and straightened as well. And now I can breath through my nose unblocked and it fits my face as well.

Brandon Smith

I received a breast reduction surgery from Dr. Eagan, and I love it!! I had been looking forward to a breast reduction for as long as I can remember, but I was always so nervous/scared to go for it. When I met with Dr. Eagan, he made me feel so comfortable and understanding of what the surgery itself and recovery would be like. I’m about five months post-op, and I couldn’t be happier with my results!! I feel so confident, comfortable, and relieved!
I will recommend Dr. Eagan to anyone mentioning breast reduction surgery.

Shea Murphy

Dr. Kimura has been incredible to work with - he is incredibly communicative, professional, organized and clear with next steps. He genuinely cares about his patients and their overall health.


Dr. Markey and his staff are professional and fun to be around. They make you their top priority during your entire appointment. Modern offices and equipment. They are constantly refining their practice to benefit the patients. Dr. Markey is a rare find in today's medical industry.

Michael O'Keefe

Dr. Pena and her team were fantastic. They answered all questions, made me feel like they truly cared rather than just being another ‘patient’ and of course, the results look amazing!

Amanda Quick

Amazing experience from consultation to surgery results. I had a lot of fears / phobias around surgery but they took time to answer all my questions beforehand, and the text line was so helpful for all my post-op questions. Pain management was great, I didn’t really have any “pain”. It was honestly an easy process for such a major surgery. I’m so happy with my top surgery results!

Mel Constantine

Dr. Eagan is basically a miracle worker. I've had 3 procedures with him, a gender-affirming mastectomy and De Quervain's release in both hands. My recoveries were as pain-free as could be expected. I never needed narcotics, but I had an Rx just in case. I didn't need PT either, though he would have sent me if I asked.

Whenever I have to take my shirt off for an exam at another office, they've been amazed at how beautiful the mastectomy incision is. The pain I had in my back and shoulders for more than a decade is now gone, as is my dysphoria. When Dr. Eagan insisted on doing lipo or not performing the operation at all, I was hesitant since insurance wouldn't cover it, but he was right - I wouldn't have been fully satisfied if I hadn't.

I've referred several friends who are interested in top surgery to Dr. Eagan, one of whom is already scheduled for it later this year. It's a delight and a relief to be able to wholeheartedly recommend a doctor for such a major, life-altering surgery.

Erica Schott

I engaged Dr. Kimura at Stanford after having broken/displaced my nose as a result of a fall. He was very careful to engage me in the process that he would follow to correct the problem. He took the time to listen to my concerns and explained the procedure that he would follow...very patient and understanding! He answered any questions and kept me informed. I went into the surgery with a great deal of confidence that the procedure would succeed.

The surgery was a success and I am breathing clearly. I would highly recommend Dr. Kimura to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, compassionate, and caring Doc.



I highly recommend Dr. Markey to anyone looking into a rhinoplasty!! He made me feel so comfortable and confident in my decision to choose him as my surgeon (even after going through 5 other consultations)! The time and effort he put into creating my perfect nose was so worth it. It’s only been a little over a month since my surgery but I am already obsessed with the results!

Kara Duysen

Beautiful facility with amazing staff.
Dr Markey and Dr Eagan are fantastic!!

Jessica Wallis

Dr. Eagan was absolutely amazing .. he picked out my size and I was so impressed how perfect they are!!!

One Fit KC Chick

In 2022, I was referred to Stanford Medical Hospital to start the process of correcting a major nasal deformity. My insurance assigned Dr Kimura as my cosmetic surgeon and I am so glad they did. Dr Kimura always took his time to meet with me, research the best ways to help solve my VERY complex case, educate me on the pros and cons of the limited options we had. He always kept my feelings and best interest in mind and has been the best doctor I’ve ever had. I healed quickly after surgery thanks to Dr Kimura’s expertise in the operating room. Thank you so much Dr Kimura for being my doctor and for fixing my nose!


This office was the best experience I've ever had with any business.

Mark B

Mastectomy with reconstruction successful! Fantastic surgeon and team of Dr Spencer Eagan

Jamie S.W.

Dr Kimura is great! Would highly recommend him to everyone. His personality and bedside manner show a maturity well beyond his age. He's honest, direct, detailed oriented and very personable. I had a large (1.5 cm by 3 cm) septal perforation from a previous botched deviated septum surgery that made breathing out of my nose worthless. Dr Kimura explain the complexity, details of the surgery and possible outcomes, before we decided to proceed. He spent 5-6 hours in surgery fixing my septum. All that hard work paid off, at my 6 month check up the graft looked amazing, the Dr couldn't even tell it was surgically repaired. I actually find myself breathing out of my nose now without even thinking about. Huge thanks to Dr Kimura!


My experience with Ascentist was great from consult to surgery to follow-up. I couldn't be happier with my care team and would definitely recommend Ascentist to anyone who needs their services.

Casey Stotts

Dr Eagan and his staff were the best to work with. This was my first experience with plastic surgery so I had many questions, every time I had a question I was taken care of. Friendliest group I have ever seen. Will go no where else. Facilities were very clean and all were happy.

Michele Walsh

Dr Kimura is great! Would highly recommend him to everyone. His personality and bedside manner show a maturity well beyond his age. He's honest, direct, detailed oriented and very personable. I had a large (1.5 cm by 3 cm) septal perforation from a previous botched (done by a different doctor) deviated septum surgery that made breathing out of my nose worthless. Dr Kimura explain the complexity, details of the surgery and possible outcomes, before we decided to proceed. He spent 5-6 hours in surgery fixing my septum. All that hard work paid off, at my 6 month checkup the graft looked amazing, the follow-up Dr couldn't even tell it was surgically repaired. I actually find myself breathing out of my nose now without even thinking about it. Huge thanks to Dr Kimura!

Jill Smith

The entire process was more than I ever anticipated! I love my results. Staff is wonderful, knowledgeable and friendly!

Dustin Williams

Dr. Eagen is great! I had a breast reduction and couldn’t be happier with the results. I had a consult and then surgery within a month and a half. His nursing staff have all been very helpful and so supportive. I would highly recommend Dr. Eagen!

Elizabeth Crowe

Amazing experience! Dr Kimura not only has great bedside manner, but is knowledgeable and kind. He is always punctual in his appointments and yet, you never feel rushed when you are with him. I highly recommend him!

Cristina and Trent Floriani-Collins

I had surgery here, and I was blown away by the whole process! They helped me out so much along the way, as I have never been through this process before. They were very kind and the results were beyond what I could have imagined! If I could give more than 5 stars I would!

Jackson Malott

The whole team is amazing! Dr. Eagan is very knowledgeable and professional. Korie, Marci, Carrie, and Laura are who I talked to mainly, but everyone is so nice and welcoming! So far I am loving my results! I cannot recommend them enough!!

Alex Lerch

Beyond impressed with Dr. Kimura. He took the time to listen to my concerns and thoroughly explain the next steps to achieve my desired Botox and filler results. Looking forward to keeping Dr. Kimura as part of my beauty routine!!

Madeline Wagner

If I could give more stars I would! Absolutely wonderful experience. I felt comfortable and listened to the entire time. Each person I came in contact with at Ascentist has been amazing. I couldn’t be more happier with my results. Truly life changing and I am so glad I chose to have my reduction here.

Alex Mahurin

Dr. Eagan changed my life so much for better! I had a breast reduction done by him and I love the results. He is very knowledgeable in his field and I cannot recommend him enough if you are looking for this procedure. His team and staff were also very nice. I was initially anxious coming to my visits (as one thinking of this procedure most likely is) However, I felted complete welcome and comfortable at all times in all my visits and I was never judged for anything. Thank you Dr. Eagan and his team! I will also be grateful for you all!

Trinity Stewart

I would highly recommend Dr. Kimura to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, compassionate, and caring doctor in the field of Rhinoplasty. I met Dr. Kimura through Stanford Dept of Otolaryngology, he corrected my broken/Displaced nose with a fantastic result. He was careful to engage me in the initial process and followed up with me through my recovery. I felt comfortable with Dr. Kimura from his first introduction. Good guy and great work!!!

Guy Kissner

There are no amount of words I could put down to say how AMAZING Dr. Eagan and his staff are! Every single person I was in contact with was wonderful and made me feel 100% safe, supported, and they validated who I am as a person. My top surgery results are more than I what I ever imagined they would be, and I’m beyond happy with how my chest looks now. From Dr. Eagan to Marci, Korie, and Carrie (and all the others who I don’t remember names for), I’ve never been more impressed with a doctor’s office before. I’m so grateful I chose you as my surgeon for this important step in my transition journey. Thank you so much!!!

Blaine Cloud

I had a large lipoma removed from the top of my head. I am very pleased with the procedure from start to finish. I highly recommend Dr Kimura.

Marvin Campos

For years I was insecure about my appearance because of my large breasts. I finally made the decision to do something for myself and have breast reduction with a lift. The only regret I have is that I didn’t do it years ago. Dr Spencer Eagan is a magician! There is no other explanation. His expertise is second to none. He strives to provide a natural look that is proportionate to your frame. Absolute perfection. He is also excellent in managing the discomfort expected with surgery. It was seamless. I would proudly recommend him to everyone! Life changing. Thanks, Dr Eagan!

Kelly Banta

I can’t say enough good things about Dr.Kimura!! I went to him to receive some Botox on my face. He was honest, kind and helped me understand exactly what I needed. It has only been a week but I LOVE my results so far!! Dr.Kimura has even checked in on me to see how I am doing and how my results are. I will be going back to him for any future cosmetic procedures! Highly recommend him!

Bailee Shriver

Dr. Eagan is an amazing plastic surgeon, and the whole team are amazing. He performed my breast reduction surgery and after the surgery I was so much happier then I was before. Everything came out the way I wanted and I couldn't be happier. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a breast reduction. The whole process was explained to me very well it was so easy and worth it.

Keegan Gardner

Dr. Kimura performed my rhinoplasty surgery flawlessly, while he was at Stanford University. A year later, I couldn’t be happier with the results. Dr. Kimura was kind patient and understanding especially with my exceptionally difficult Nose and the damage that he had to repair. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in seeing a plastic surgeon.

Rachel Smulson

Dr. Egan removed several basal cells from my 88 year old mother's face. Dr. Egan and everyone that took care of my mom were exceptional. In a medical system that throws old folks under the bus (I've been taking my parents to doc appts now for almost four years) this practice is the exact opposite. Dr. Egan's work was stellar and as my mother has had recurring basal cells over the last forty years, Dr. Egan was able to do the least invasive procedure and the results are amazing. Thank you, most sincerely to Dr. Egan and his staff, especially Korie and Marci and the front desk folks!!

Cathy Accurso

I highly recommend Dr. Kimura to anyone who is looking for well informed and great overall care. He had taken care of a perforation in my nose, which had been giving me some problems for awhile. But before we even got to the surgery part, he made sure to let me know about what the process entails and has continued to follow up throughout the recovery process and make sure things are still going well.

Mackenzie Brikovich

I had such a good experience here at Ascentist. The doctors and staff were super friendly, knowledgeable, easy to contact and courteous to my needs. I had a double mastectomy performed by Dr. Eagan and the results were amazing and life-changing. I highly recommend going here.

Emma Myers

Dr. Kimura and his nurse, Bailey are wonderful! Dr. Kimura strategically reconstructed and closed a skin cancer removal with sutures and staples. The procedure was painless and successful. If you need to be stitched up seamlessly, Dr. Kimura is the best. I was well cared for and had zero concerns. Dr. Kimura and Bailey’s level of compassionate care and communication are unmatched.

Phillips Fam

Dr. Kimura performed a rhinoplasty on my nose. I am impressed with my results. I had a previous procedure done by a different surgeon and was left with nose that wasn’t straight and would bleed but now Dr. Kimura made my nose straight and it’s healing faster! I recommend him for any facial surgery because he is so professional! Bailee and his team have been helpful with all of my needs.

Kc. Rojas

Definitely five stars! Dr. Kimura was very approachable and thorough on what to expect from reconstructive surgery. He also was very accessible after surgery and responded quickly by text to answer any questions or concerns we had. It’s comforting to know you’re in good hands.

Valerie Caskey

I was referred to Dr Kimura after my ENT appointment. I had my nose fractured a few months prior and my breathing and positioning of my nose was off as a result from that fracture. Dr Kimura was easy to talk to and walked me through the surgery process. Surgery/recovery was an easy process and I LOVE my results! My nose looks great and I can breathe! Dr Kimura was available for any questions/concerns that I had before and after the surgery. I would 10000% recommend Dr Kimura and his team at Ascentist!

Nicole Brown

When I was mauled by a dog my face, ear and hand was tore. Dr. Kimura put my face back together and did an amazing job so grateful the hospital called on him!

Gayle Walker

I cannot recommend Dr. Kimura enough!! I went to him for Botox and he did a great job with explaining what exactly he is doing, and how the Botox works. He is very personable and he wants to make sure you are satisfied with your results - which I most definitely was!

Grace Siebert

Dr Kimura was fantastic. As soon as I learned I needed a skin graft on my ear from my dermatologist that did Mohs, he texted me asking me a few questions and then put me in contact with his scheduling team. And this was all through phone calls and texts which made the process so much easier for me! There was virtually no waiting time in office and his team was great as well. I felt confident that if I needed anything he would respond quickly which is comforting! Thanks Dr Kimura!

Laura Smith

I am very pleased with Dr. Kimura he made me feel very special. He was so caring. I am so glad he came into my life at a time when I needed him to make me feel better and take care of my problem.

Sandra Tharp

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