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For individuals experiencing gender dysphoria or dissatisfaction with their assigned gender, the prominence of the Adam's apple can be a source of significant emotional distress. At Ascentist Plastic Surgery, we understand the deeply personal nature of this concern and offer tracheal shaving to help alleviate feelings of insecurity and align your outward appearance with your true identity. Our compassionate team supports you on your journey towards a more delicate and feminine neck contour, empowering you to feel confident and authentic in your skin.

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What Is Tracheal Shaving?

Tracheal shaving, also known as tracheal reduction or chondroplasty, is a surgical procedure aimed at reducing the prominence of the Adam's apple, technically referred to as the thyroid cartilage, in the neck. This procedure involves carefully removing a portion of the thyroid cartilage to create a flatter and more feminine contour. Typically performed under general anesthesia, a small incision is made in the neck to access the cartilage; we remove the targeted portion, reshape it as needed, and then close the incision with sutures. Our tracheal shaving is commonly sought by transgender women and individuals experiencing gender dysphoria who seek to alleviate the visual cues associated with their assigned gender, allowing them to achieve a more harmonious and feminine neck profile.

The Benefits of Tracheal Shaving

Tracheal shaving at Ascentist Plastic Surgery offers individuals seeking a more feminine appearance a means to address their concerns about the prominence of the Adam's apple. This procedure's benefits include the following:

Reduced Visibility of the Adam's Apple

Tracheal shaving diminishes the prominence of the Adam's apple, resulting in a smoother and more feminine neck profile.

Alleviation of Gender Dysphoria

This procedure can significantly reduce the emotional distress associated with incongruence between physical appearance and gender identity.

Enhanced Ability to Blend into Desired Gender Role

By addressing the visible signs of masculinity, tracheal shaving helps individuals feel more comfortable and confident in their chosen gender presentation.

Improved Self-Esteem

A more feminine neck contour can increase self-assurance and satisfaction with one's appearance.

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Is Tracheal Shaving Right for Me?

Tracheal shaving is typically sought by individuals, particularly transgender women, who experience distress or discomfort due to the prominence of their Adam's apple, a common secondary sexual characteristic associated with male physiology. Those who feel that their Adam's apple undermines their desired feminine appearance may benefit from this procedure. Ideal candidates often desire a more refined and feminine neck contour, seeking relief from gender dysphoria and a greater sense of unity with their gender identity. However, determining candidacy for tracheal shaving requires a thorough evaluation by one of our skilled surgeons at Ascentist Plastic Surgery. A consultation with our practice allows us to assess your unique concerns, discuss treatment options, and determine the suitability of tracheal shaving for your needs.

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What to Expect: Tracheal Shaving Procedure

Tracheal shaving, or tracheal reduction or chondroplasty, is a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. The process begins with a small incision in the skin of the neck, providing access to the thyroid cartilage, the largest piece of cartilage in the neck responsible for forming the Adam's apple. A portion of the cartilage is carefully removed and reshaped through this incision to create a flatter, more feminine contour. This reshaping helps to reduce the prominence of the Adam's apple and achieve a smoother, more elegant neck profile.

Once the desired contour is achieved, the incision is closed with sutures, and a dressing is applied to protect the area during the initial healing phase. The procedure typically takes one to two hours to complete, depending on the extent of cartilage removal and reshaping required. Tracheal shaving is based on the principles of cartilage surgery, aiming to modify the structure of the thyroid cartilage to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome. This procedure is commonly sought by transgender women and individuals desiring a more feminine neck appearance.

Tracheal Shaving Recovery

Following tracheal shaving, patients can expect some downtime for proper healing. Initially, mild discomfort, swelling, and bruising may occur around the incision site, which typically subsides within a few days. Patients are advised to rest and avoid strenuous activities during the initial recovery period to promote optimal healing. It's common for patients to wear a dressing or compression garment around the neck area to support the healing process. Most individuals can resume light activities within a week, although strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for a few weeks to prevent complications. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor healing progress and address any concerns. Over time, as the swelling resolves and the incision site heals, patients will notice a smoother, more feminine neck contour, enhancing their appearance, confidence, and overall well-being.

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Why Choose Ascentist Plastic Surgery?

At Ascentist Plastic Surgery–located in the Overland Park area of Kansas City, KS–we understand the emotional concerns and insecurities that may accompany the decision to undergo tracheal shaving. Our team of experienced surgeons specializes in providing compassionate care and tailored solutions to help individuals feel more confident and comfortable with their appearance. You can trust our expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional results by choosing our practice. Tracheal shaving offers a physical transformation but also emotional relief, allowing individuals to align their outward appearance with their most authentic selves. Take the first step towards unveiling a more elegant, feminine neck by scheduling a consultation with Ascentist Plastic Surgery now.

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