Cosmetic Procedures

Ascentist plastic surgery

Cosmetic Procedures

Rejuvenating and reshaping the face may be best achieved with a variety of smaller, in-clinic procedures.  The doctors at Ascentist Plastic Surgery are able to make small, subtle corrections to get the best customizable result for each patient.  These procedures include: 

Lip lift  Precisely removing the uppermost portion of the upper lip to create a full, slightly pouty, feminine appearance.  The incisions are hidden carefully beneath the nose. 

Chin reduction / augmentation Dr. Markey sculpts the chin, either to narrow it or recess it, to create more harmonious facial ratios.  This is performed via incisions hidden within the mouth.  Via a small incision tucked under the chin, Dr. Markey is also able to place permanent implants to create a stronger, more pronounced chin. 

Facial augmentation with fat  By harvesting fat from the abdomen or flanks, “permanent filler” can be placed around the cheeks, temples, lips as well as under scars to improve contours. 

Earlobe repair The most common cosmetic surgery performed on the ear, repairing the elongated or torn piercing sites in the ear lobes.  This procedure requires only local anesthesia with minimal downtime.  

Lesion excision Moles, warts, scars, divots can all be excised carefully with the defect repaired with precise, plastic surgery techniques.  Occasionally the lesions will be sent for pathology review.