Ascentist plastic surgery

MTF Orchiectomy

What is ?

The Orchiectomy procedure is an independent procedure that can be performed for those who wish to eliminate testosterone production and achieve some degree of secondary feminization without having complete GCS. It also allows for the discontinuation of costly and/or potentially risky use of anti-androgens and high-dose estrogen.

Two incisions, each approximately 2″ long, are made in the groin area. The testicles are then removed through the incisions and then closed using dissolvable sutures. You will have a minimal amount of discomfort at the incision site; however this will be lessened with the prescribed pain medication. It is also helpful to consider wearing sweatpants or loose fitting pants for a week or two. There may also be numbness of the skin around the incision site for a few months.

We generally recommend a week to recover, however this may differ depending on individual lifestyles.